Tuesday, April 22, 2008

FOXNews.com - Residents Report Mysterious Red Light Sightings in Skies Over Phoenix - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News

FOXNews.com - Residents Report Mysterious Red Light Sightings in Skies Over Phoenix - Science News Science & Technology Technology News: Normally I reserve commentary for the patently ridiculous comments of people who are revered as experts. In this case, I'm taking a pro-active stance against those soon-to-emerge UFO experts who will explain the subject phenomenon.

Just based on the footage readily available on the internet, the three-to-four-light UFO appears to be a single craft with lights fore and aft, and on the left and right wing. The "wing" lights are both on either the top or bottom of the craft.

As the craft turns, the lights appear to change configuration, as if they are flying in formation. But the formation is too precise. For instance, the far right light in a sharp left turn should lag at least a bit, as it needs to accelerate into a much higher speed maneuver. There is no lag, as these lights are all attached to a single craft.

It is reported that a light will "fade", then reappear. This is simply one wing light disappearing in a banking maneuver. In one photo (on the FOXNews.com page that this blog references) shows two of the lights right next to each other. As I said, the wing lights are either both on top or on the bottom, so they can both be seen at this angle. The thickness of the craft (top surface to belly) can be roughly determined by the location of the fourth light when it disappears and reappears. This is a roll maneuver.

If I were more technically inclined, I would create a 3D model of this phenomenon just to prove that the lights can be aligned as I've suggested to match all of the available video footage. That said, this only proves that it is a single craft. But what KIND of craft? I cannot say, but I CAN say that no super-intelligent life form (i.e. one far more tech-savvy than we are) would need to blast colored lights out of their vehicles and call attention to themselves. They would probably have a radar- and infared-based system of navigation to be totally undetectable. I mean, seriously, this is not a stretch based on what we are capable of today.

Is it a UFO? Of course! At least until it's identified. It's definitely a flying object. Something to worry about? Not hardly. Just something to break the monotony of our dreary lives.


Blogger Papa Joe said...

I stand corrected. A Phoenix-area resident has admitted to having sent up flares attached to balloons. I was wrong about the single object, but it was definitely a single source and, if those balloons were tethered together on a lightweight frame, then I would call my assessment 100% accurate.

Whether I'm right or wrong is not the point here. Getting the story straight is. The only aliens are the ones coming in over your countries borders.

April 23, 2008 at 7:27 AM  

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