Saturday, October 09, 2004

Johnny On The Spot...but Off the Mark (part 2)

I'll make this one brief.

James Varner to Senator Kerry:

"Senator Kerry, would you be willing to look directly into the camera and, using simple and unequivocal language, give the American people your solemn pledge not to sign any legislation that will increase the tax burden on families earning less than $200,000 a year during your first term?"

Nice. Very nice.

Mr. Varner, I'm sure you plan the next four years of your family's life well in advance and then execute your plan flawlessly, but sensible and responsible people set goals then do their darnedest to achieve them -- sometimes, with mixed results. We can't expect more than that from our leader unless we intend to install a dictator or monarch.

To challenge the Senator to make such a pledge directly into the camera was misguided at best and manipulatively selfish at worst. I hope you and your beer buddies had a good laugh afterwards.


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